Hammer Construction’s portfolio includes projects for local, state, and federal agencies as well as private commercial development. Significant awards include projects for the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, General Services Administration, National Institutes of Health, National Park Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Aviation Administration, and many others. Work has included Job Order Contracts, Hazard Material Projects, S.A.B.E.R. contracts and miscellaneous others along with standard commercial and industrial projects.

Project Title/Contract #: Renovate TCJ5 Suite, FA4407-06-C-0008

Client: U.S. Air Force, 375th Contracting Squadron
Location: Scott AFB, IL
Description of Services: Renovation and upgrade of an administrative space within a secure command post for TRANSCOM. Work consisted of: electrical, mechanical, fiber-optic security systems, plumbing, high-end mill work, interior finishes, painting wallpaper, carpet and tile.

Project Title/Contract #: Relocate Prosthetics to Building 23, V255C-657A1-0358

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Location: V.A. Medical Center, St. Louis, MO

Description of Services: The project goal was a complete renovation of approximately 7,500 square feet of existing cafeteria/kitchen area to a prosthetics laboratory/office area. The area received a complete interior gut with new finishes, fixtures and MEP systems installed.

Project Title/Contract #: Fritz Landing Culvert Replacement, W912EQ-05-C-0018

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District
Location: Tiptonville, TN

Description of Services: The purpose of this project was to replace a critical drainage culvert on the Mississippi that had failed. Not only did the failed culvert cause poorly drained agricultural land and possible property damage, in the event of a flood the integrity of the entire levee could be compromised.

Project Title/Contract #: Replace/Repair/Refurbish Hospital
Chiller System, FA4407-05- C-0004

Client: 375th Contracting Squadron, SAFB, IL
Location: Scott AFB, IL
Description of Services: The Hospital at SAFB had a chiller system that was failing and threatening to shut down some services including the surgery wing. The solution to this challenge was a fast track, design/build replacement of the system. Based on past performance, SAFB requested a proposal from Hammer; the staff responded by generating a turnkey package for design and replacement of the entire system.

Project Title/Contract #: Commissary Miscellaneous Repairs, W912QR-05-R-0021

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District, SAFB, IL
Location: Scott AFB, IL

Description of Services: The Commissary at SAFB had a sales floor that was failing and causing tripping hazards as well aesthetic issues for customers and staff. There were also other maintenance and upgrade issues requiring some action. Hammer provided a design/build turnkey approach to expedite the replacement of the entire sales floor while keeping the store open and minimizing customer impact.

Project Title/Contract #: Install Critical Security Upgrade at Lock and Dam 24 & 25, W912P9-06-C-0410

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St Louis District
Location: St. Louis, MO

Description of Services: Install new and upgraded perimeter fencing, card readers/keypads, vehicle loop detectors, new doors, locks and hardware; also installed a fiber-optic system for camera’s, sensors, alarms and switches, capabilities to provide 24 hour computer based surveillance, recording security events and creation of multiple reports. Provided training for the lock and dam staff. Hammer conducted endurance testing and shakedown of system operability as well.

Project Title/Contract #: Security Upgrades at the Tampa Federal Courthouse, GS-04P- 05-EXC-0017

Client: GSA, Property Development Div, Atlanta, GA
Location: Tampa, FL

Description of Services: Installed new store front and security station that contained laminated glass, stainless steel framing, Kevlar reinforced cabinets, and key pad access for the marshals in the Sam Gibbons Federal Courthouse. Work also included the installation of fixed and removable bollards around Timberlake Annex, Sam Gibbons and R.L. Timberlake.

Project Title/Contract #: Construct Firestation/Stagefield Ready Room at Skelly, W31BMV-3167-NP10

Client: U.S. Army Directorate of Public Works
Location: Ft Rucker, AL (Skelly Airfield)

Description of Services: Constructed new 4300 SF, single bay fire station and pilot ready room at Skelly Stagefield. Construction consisted of slab on grade, metal building erection, mechanical, electrical, interior walls and finishes, carpet, VCT and ceramic tile.

Project Title/Contract #: Renovate Lobby at the Oxford Federal Courthouse, GS-04P-EX- C-0048

Client: GSA, Property Development Div, Atlanta, GA
Location: Oxford, MS

Description of Services: Interior lobby renovation that included the installation of a new curved store front, terrazzo flooring, upgraded marshal workstations and access control features, high-end millwork, security glazing, blast resistant glass, and Kevlar cabinet panels.

Project Title/Contract #: Security Upgrades at Pensacola and Panama City Federal Courthouses, GS-04P-06-EX-C-0124, GS-04P-07-EX-C-0028

Client: GSA, Property Development Div. Atlanta, GAA
Location: Panama City and Pensacola, FL

Description of Services: Design & build projects to upgrade the exterior physical security features around two federal buildings. Pensacola involved new masonry walls, electrical, prefab metal building placement, plumbing, providing security system tie-ins, keypads and video cameras. Panama City consisted of new security rated fencing, bollards, electrical, and security system tie-ins.

Project Title/Contract #: Replace Roof on Arnow Federal Courthouse, GS- 04P-06-EXC-0088

Client: GSA, Atlanta, GA
Location: Pensacola, FL

Description of Services: Replaced a 12,000 SF clay tile roof and support structure and an 11,000 SF built-up roof to the historic Federal Courthouse. Repaired the roof drainage system, repaired, and modified the building HVAC control system. Also completed the interior mold remediation and prepared the building for mothballing.

Project Title/Contract #: Exterior Repairs to Ginger Bread House Bldg. M104, N62470-04-D-2636 T.O. 0018

Client: U.S. Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA
Location: Norfolk Naval Air Station, Virginia

Description of Services: Hammer recently completed an exterior renovation to the Gingerbread House, which is one of the Distinguished Visitor’s Quarters (DVQ) located on Norfolk Naval Air Station, Virginia.

Project Title/Contract #: Relocate Animal Research Facility, V255C(657A1)-0347

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Location: VA Hospital, St. Louis, MO

Description of Services: The Veterans Administration project goal is to completely renovate nearly an entire floor of laboratory space. The current lab facilities will be taken down to wall studs and ceiling joists and replaced with all new finishes and fixtures. All new utility systems will be upgraded and installed.